Research at The Crawford

Research at MTU Crawford College of Art & Design is supported across the disciplines of Fine Art, Applied Art, Art Education, Art Therapy, Visual Design and Media Communications. Research activities comprise traditional approaches to academic study of visual culture as well as practice-based approaches. 

Research applicants should email with any enquiries.

Postgraduate Projects

Researchers come from a diversity of professional and academic backgrounds such as art and design history, visual and material culture, digital media & design for interaction, visual communications, design practice and 3D visualisation/animation. There is therefore a range of expertise enabling support for a wide spectrum of postgraduate projects within the area of contemporary art practice, design practice, and interactive media technologies focused on communication in education, art & design and entertainment. If you have any queries, email

Applying for a research degree

For candidates interested in applying for a research degree, options for registration come in two forms: 

  • Internally or externally funded projects are publicly advertised and candidates are selected through an evaluation process typically consisting of application and interview. 
  • Self-funded research projects begin with the candidate’s submitting a short outline of their research interest. This is followed by a process of identifying appropriate supervisors and finally submitting of a formal research proposal to the Graduate School.


Duration of Study

Postgraduate research degrees may be completed in twenty one calendar months. Depending on the nature of the research proposed, candidates may apply to extend their project on a PhD track which has a minimum of four years study.

Further information

For more generic information on regulations and sources of funding available for postgraduate study at MTU click here.