Engagement with the Community & Industry

Collaboration is an important part of what we do at the Crawford. We are always seeking opportunities to collaborate with industry and the wider community, whether it is to create, make, design, produce, edit or write.

Engagement with our Partners

Engagement, connections and collaboration are vital components of who we are and what we do.  We are proud of our associations with many key local and national organisations.

Collaborative Projects:

Working with the next generation of artists, designers, journalists, PR planners, educators, developers to bring new and unique solutions to a project is a positive & rewarding experience for all involved.

Nano Nagle Place

CIT CCAD’s collaboration with NNP is primarily focused on the centre’s educational program ...

Competitions & Awards

Our Students have been recognised and awarded for their creativity & talents in all areas across the college.

Talks, Conferences & Exhibitions

Each year we organise various workshops, talks, conferences & exhibitions by practitioners, specialists & graduates. These activities are an important part of our practice & engagement.

Networks & Community

We are affiliated with and members of many organisations & networks, these relationships contribute to the development of all our courses and support how we align our activities with those of industry & the community.