Science Video - SATLE 4 Videos Project

Thank you to contributing artists: Angela Gilmour, Ida Mitrani and Megan Eustace

Science Video - SATLE 4 Videos Project

Drawbridge was awarded Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement 2020 Funding (through the Teaching and Learning Unit) in 2022 to create a series of four videos that document the interdisciplinary potential of contemporary drawing practice to enhance research methodologies within the STEM disciplines. We are proud to present the Science video featuring artists Angela Gilmour, Ida Mitrani and Megan Eustace as the first of four videos to come.

Ali O'Shea – Videographer, Vitaliy Makhanov – Post-Production Editor, Anne-May Tabb – Production, Helen Farrell - Supervisor 


Photo by: Franka Flötgen. Taken during the Draw to Perform workshop held in CCAD

Drawbridge is a drawing research hub based at MTU Crawford College of Art & Design. Founded by Dr Helen Farrell and Dr Lucy Dawe-Lane, Drawbridge came about to provide opportunities for researchers, students and artists to explore, exchange and disseminate ideas around contemporary drawing practice in its widest possible interpretation.

With a focus on promoting the capability of drawing to give form to thought, Drawbridge is currently engaging with diverse approaches from within the arts, while also working on a series of interdisciplinary projects and collaborations.

Drawbridge is funded by MTU Research Office and is grateful for the support of MTU Teaching and Learning Unit, MTU Department of Business and Humanities and MTU Arts Office




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