BA (Honours) in Creative Digital Media

CAO Code: MT824

Duration: 4 years (8 Semesters)

Course Fee:

What is the course about?

The Creative Digital Media programme combines the creativity of art and design with the skills and knowledge of computer technologies and programming to create interactive digital media products. A student can be creative with text, image, music, sound, video, film, animation and virtual and augmented reality. They can produce projects that can communicate across a variety of platforms and in some cases perform interactive experiences. The Creative Digital Media course is delivered in the Bishopstown campus.

What will you be doing?

Projects include: Digital media design, digital media technology, video production, music technology, computer programming, digital marketing, media business, animation, virtual reality, user experience (UX), user interface design (UI), digital culture and much more!

Why do this course?

  • Create digital media solutions that have a high user or audience impact
  • Learn how to use the most up to date digital media design and development software
  • Learn to present and pitch your ideas professionally
  • Partake in a work placement and travel on a student exchange.
  • Learn to create actual or virtual scenarios, simple games, animations, and video or audio for interactive applications

Career Opportunities

Web Design and Developer Animator Game Designer Virtual Reality Designer UX UI Designer Music Technologist Motion Graphics Producer Web Developer Multimedia Developer Augmented and Immersive Experience Designer VFX Compositor Film Maker Studio Director Entrepreneur  and much more.


Course Enquiries:

Brian Doyle
+353 21 4326115

For more information & to apply: