Certificate in User Experience and Service Design (Level 9)

Duration: 4 Month Online Programme, 1 Semester, September - January 2023.

Apply: Applications now open: https://www.mtu.ie/courses/crhuxsc9/

Contact: Trevor.Hogan@mtu.ie or for general queries contact Department Staff Officer, Myrna Velazque myrna.velazquez@mtu.ie

Course Fee: €1,800

What is this course about?

The level 8 Certificate in UX and Service Design is a unique, design-focused certificate bringing together two of design’s emerging specialisms – User Experience and Service Design – as part of a single educational experience, with a key focus on digital products and services. User Experience (UX) is a field concerned with understanding and improving the ways the users interact with an organisation and its products or services. Service Design (SD) is a closely related field that is focused on the creation of optimal experiences and sustainable solutions for both customers and service providers.

What will you be doing?

The programme has 4 modules delivered over one semester. You will be doing modules in:

  • Fundamentals of UCD
  • UX and SD Tools and Technologies
  • Design Thinking for Services
  • Design Project Management

Why do this course?

From initial research, through product design and development, to user testing and improvement, UX and SD skills are required at every stage in the production of digital products and services. There is a growing need for skilled professionals with expert knowledge in UX and SD in the modern workplace. When you complete the Certificate, you have the opportunity to continue your study to Postgraduate Diploma and to either a Master of Arts or Masters of Science in User Experience and Service Design.

Career Opportunities

This Certificate offers an opportunity for graduates from a broad range of disciplines to upskils and gain skills that are in high demand and complement a broad range of disciplines and roles. The course also positions students to undertake further academic study to Masters of Arts of Masters of Science level enabling graduates to explore the depth and breath of their own practice in their own fields of interest.


Course Enquiries:
Dr Trevor Hogan

Department Staff Officer - Myrna Velazquez