Certificate in Arts & Wellbeing (Level 9)

Duration: 1 Year (Part time) 

Course Fee: €1,700

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What is the course about?

The Certificate in Arts & Wellbeing (Level 9, 20 credits) offers an introduction to key concepts in models of Wellbeing, with a focus on the arts. The course gives participants opportunities to explore arts and wellbeing activities in a personal and group dimension, supported by a reflective process. The aim of the course is to equip participants with practical approaches to Arts and Wellbeing, which can be applied in a range of contexts

What will you be doing?

Through a series of experiential workshops, participants will be offered the opportunity to explore practical ways of developing Arts based Wellbeing programmes. Through a series of lectures and guest speakers, participants will critically engage with a range of concepts and theories related to Arts in Health and Wellbeing.

Why do this course?

  • Explore key concepts and theories at the core of the field of Arts in Health and Wellbeing and the application of arts rich practices in relation to engaging these ideas in diverse contexts.
  • Develop methodologies to enhance wellbeing through the arts, which can be adapted to your area of practice, or added as a new skillset to your profession.


Career Opportunities

This course will benefit teachers, therapists, arts in health practitioners, youth and community workers or artists looking to broaden the scope of their practice. 


Course Enquiries:
Avril O Brien, Department of Arts in Health & Education

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