Art Therapy Summer School

When: Saturday 29th June to Wednesday 3rd July 2024

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What is the course about?

The Cork Art Therapy Summer School 2024 welcomes participants, providing them with a unique opportunity to learn about and experience the Art Therapy process. Visiting art therapists, from Ireland and further afield, facilitate an immersive experience of the Art Therapy process over the five days.

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What you will be doing?

Participants are offered the chance to explore the therapeutic potential of art through a series of themed experiential workshops. A series of related lectures and seminars during the week provide a context for the current practice of art therapy. Participants have the option (if they meet the academic requirements) to register and take this course as a Level 9, 5-credit module. For some this summer school may be the first step on the road to a career in Art Therapy. For others, it may be an opportunity to re-engage with their creative identity. For trainee and qualified therapists, it may provide continuing professional development

Why do this course?

  • Understand the role of creativity as a therapeutic methodology
  • Learn about the history of art therapy and some of the clinical contexts where it is practiced  
  • Experience the theory of Art Therapy in practice through experiential workshops 
  • Engage with and develop your own understanding of the creative process


Course Enquiries:

Aideen Cooney / Marianne Adams

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