Art Therapy Introductory Day

When: Saturday 10th February 2024

Fee: €100

Book: your place




The Introductory Day provides a opportunity to learn about and experience the Art Therapy Process. 

It is designed for those new to Art Therapy, to gain an understanding and experience of the process.  The day has both lecture and workshop components.  All materials are provided and no artmaking experience is necessary.

What will you be doing?

Participants will explore the potential of art therapy through an experiential workshop. This experience is grounded by some of the theory behind the practice of art therapy or participatory arts. Opportunity is provided to consider the role of art therapy through questions and discussion.

Why do this course?

  • Begin to understand the role of creativity as a therapeutic methodology
  • Engage with and develop your own understanding of the creative process


Course Enquiries:
Gerard Lee